So, here I am on my second only blog post and I am finding myself in the peculiar predicament that, now that I have decided to write down a bunch of this stuff that I have been thinking about for quite a while, I can’t find it anywhere. I’m sure it was in my head only moments ago, and now that I sit here in front of the keypad . . . whattha?!! I swear it was interesting.

When the gang went out the other night, Linda brought a new friend with her. She said, “I’d like you all to meet Jeff — he’s really funny!”

And there stood Jeff, the poor schlub — with everyone around gawking at him expectantly — dumb-stricken by the social burden now placed upon him to be the “funny guy”.

The thing is, one practical characteristic of “funny” is that it takes you by surprise; something you weren’t expecting and then it slaps you upside the head and you laugh your arse off. Once you expect it, half the “funny” is already gone. So, there’s ‘ol Jeff, demoted from “really funny” to maybe only “funny” by a mere introductory faux pas.

That is what the decision to write a blog does to you. There . . . you’ve introduced yourself . . . now be interesting.