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I started from a non-educated drawing background. Doing it only because I liked it. I was a beautician for many years! I got out of that business, due to the chemicals. From there I went on to doing murals on walls; which I was able to do solely based on the love of being able to transmit ideas onto/into the homes of people, to be forever cherished, instead of trying to sell paintings on a sidewalk or in a gallery. From there I got my first job illustrating children’s books — from a painting that I did of some mice in a client’s kitchen.

All of that background just to preface and point out the fact that it has been the factor of ‘doing it’ that has been the only key to my improvement over the years. I still have very little education in the area — other than that which I have created in myself based on observation — but, I feel that observation is a powerful key in the subject of drawing; all art, to be exact. The best work is that which the artist produces from life and his interaction with and observation of it.

So, observation begets “doingness” and “doingness” begets further observation.

All knowledge to be found in this world was originally empirical.
It did not come from a book or a teacher; someone figured it out based on observation.

True, it is often faster to have someone show you how to do something, but to move into an area on your own and teach yourself based on your own observation, that is where creativity is born — the ability to reach beyond the observations of others. To see something that no one else has seen before.