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To really learn something well, it really helps to love it.

Find something that you love and draw it.

It can be as hard or simple as you choose. Find someone’s work that you admire and try to copy it. Find out what it is you like about it.

What is the most favorite thing that you have in your house right now? Draw it! If you want to draw one of your loved ones, but maybe feel that is too hard right now, just try and draw one eye as it crinkles from a smile, or the corner of their mouth.

Just find something that you love or admire and try to capture it with your pencil and paper. Do a different one each day.

If it is the case that you are simply having difficulty drawing a portion of this thing that you love well, do you really love it? Then figure out what you need to draw it!

It may be that you need to check out some of the art anatomy tutorials that are all over the internet or find a book that tells you how. Or just observe people. Find out what you love about it and capture that element.

The key here is…if you love it, fight for it!