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I Fell In Love Here 

… with this tree!


(I also thought I made a new friend here,
until I found out I was just being used for my hands!)

I ambled along the concrete coastal path, my eyes scanning the park for an aspect to feed my hungry lens. Then I saw “her” way off in the distance; a most beautiful, old fig––certainly torn from a storybook page.

It was a bit of a footslog to get close, so I found diversion on the way in the park folk as they enjoyed the beautiful day with their children and dogs. One such couple was having a rousing game of green-tennis-ball with their golden retriever quite near “my” tree and I amused myself watching the dog dashing with glee at each throw.

When at last I arrived, I set my tripod up and hunkered down low for this shot.
But I couldn’t take it.
Something was pulling on my attention.
I turned my head and right next to the drinking fountain fifteen feet away was the retriever. It was just standing there, ball in mouth, staring at me. I couldn’t escape the clear message that was being forced into my thoughts––”water!”––coming from the dog. I looked over to the couple who had been throwing the ball, hoping for a word or sign that they were going to give their dog some water, or at least that it was OK for me to turn the fountain on for the dog. Getting nothing (except that persistent thought in my head) I went over and pushed the button. The dog lapped and lapped … and lapped. Looking up, I saw the couple finally get up and wander over. As they neared, I heard them laughing uproariously. “He does that with everyone!” they said as they neared.

I thought I was special.
I was just one in a long succession of chumps with hands.