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Google+ – ––– Wallpaper, WALLPAPER!

Poppy Fields, Gorman, CA


Wallpaper, WALLPAPER!

The other day, I found one of my paintings (http://goo.gl/3STnp) strewn around the Web on “free wallpaper” sites. They had gotten it off “CGSociety” (notorious for having works stolen from), cropped my signature off the bottom and ran it through a pixel bending program, stripping my copyright and generally uglifying it. Some even had the audacity to plop their copyright logo over mine.

Not that this is anything new.

What did I do?

I was reminded on something a girlfriend, one of the great teachers in my own life, said to me one day, “When you make something, give it away … then you’ll just have to make more.”

When you start to think of the works that you do as too important or significant you start to lose objectivity––the one thing you need for honing skills. 

Make something, give it away, throw it away, burn it or just do it again. 

Make it unimportant and you lose the stress and pressure — those are the top two creativity killers.

On that note, I made something for all of you. This is in thanks to the folks at +Google+ for the great network they have created and for all their support and to all of you for tuning in to my blog posts and the support you offer me.

Here is the download link (for your personal use, please. Spread it over wallpaper sites for your own profit and you will get the worst karma … ;o))